The elderly neighbour's black grand piano enchanted the few-year-old little girl of Révfülöp. After the initial interest she began to take piano lessons regularly. Classical music and playing the piano played the lead role in the artist's life from her primary through her secondary education. After graduating from the College of Music in Budapest, she continued her studies with a German scholarship at the University of Music in Stuttgart where she received her pianist degree as professor Andrzej Ratusinski's student (Ratusinski was Horowitz and Rubinstein's student). Besides her studies, Ilona Müller, nearly unknown that time, was invited to give concerts at a number of places. At her premiere concert two thousand people had the opportunity to meet the Polish professor's new talented student. Her first-night concert was soon followed by many more invitations. Her piano play attracted the attention of the exclusive dealer of Yamaha instruments in Hungary and Atlantisz Yamaha asked Ilona to promote the Clavinova product line.
She accepts invitations with pleasure (Bonn, Stuttgart, Aalen, Prague), performs at exhibitions, conferences, cultural events, festivals (Valley of Arts) and she also entertains hotel guests with her music. On April 28 at the Primary School for the Physically Handicapped in Budapest Ilona gave a charity concert to children who otherwise have few opportunities to attend live classical music concerts. Radio Juventus, Radio Danubius and several daily newspapers reported on the concert. Moreover, the TV channel, MTV1 also made a film profile with Ilona. With her first album the pianist would like to carry out a mission. Her CD, the Magic of Melodies, is a selection of classical music hits. Ilona trusts that her music will touch people who have not yet listened to classical music. Her second album, Enlightening Christmas, had a similar success.